Exceptional Operational Performance Is More Than Process And Structure

COO Coaching focuses on aligning values, talent, culture, and strategy with the vision and mission of the enterprise.  Achieving great operational performance requires a systemic approach, which embraces the entire ecosystem of an organization.

A COO Coach doesn’t just build processes, they help clients design transformation, engineer innovation, and lead change. Our collaboration with clients simplifies the complex, disrupts mediocrity, and shows clients how to stop doing things that don’t add value. We provide organizations with the foundation for scale and change.

  • What do you want? (Vision)

  • What do you have to do? (Action)

  • What could get in the way? (Anticipate)

  • How do you hold yourself accountable? (Measure)



What You Recieve


Detailed Org Chart

We produce a detailed org chart with job description bullets for each team member.

  • Define management

  • Define direct reports

  • Define all job descriptions

  • Determine right seat analysis

  • Release Updated Org Chart


Bandwidth Audit Unique Process

We complete a bandwidth audit for every team member to ensure work-life balance company culture.

  • Employee to complete the Bandwidth Audit form

  • Add Quarterly Rocks

  • Add T0-Dos

  • Place on Calendar


Annual Strategy Meeting

I  facilitate annual planning sessions for our clients, we always ask the leadership team to reflect on their great accomplishments over the past year.

  • What are your core values?

  • Describe your niche: what’s the core focus of your company?

  • A specific, goal-oriented

  • one-year plan.

  • A three-year picture.

  • A 10-year target.

  • High-level marketing strategy:

  • Whom are you selling to?

  • Three unique differentiators that

  • set you apart.

  • What are the major projects?

  • What are the biggest issues?


Quarterly Check-In

Going back over your Vision Board will help your team ensure they are on the same page and stay focused for the remainder of the day as you are deciding your next quarter's Goals and solving issues. All discussion should be helping you achieve your 3-Year Picture, 1-Year Plan, and long-term goals! Be sure you all agree on your Vision, update your plan, and create new issues as you move through the Vision Board.

  • Bandwidth Check-in

  • Define Quarterly Rocks

  • Review all attached Policies for updates

  • Review all attached Procedures for updates

  • Review all attached HR Documents for updates

  • What are the biggest issues?


Weekly Power


Weekly Power Huddle meetings are a core element in the Pure Profit Group's unique Operating System, a set of tools and principles that help guide entrepreneurs in running their business. I focus on the six key components of every business: vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction.

  • Segue - Personal & Business Best

  • Scorecard – Discuss KPI’S – 5 Min

  • Rocks – On Track | Off Track Only - 5 Min

  • Update & News Good & Bad – 5 Min

  • To-Do’s Complete | Not Compete – 5 Min

  • Issues & Opportunities – Solve – 60 Min

  • Ratings – Rate The Meeting – 5 Min

Jillian's COO strategy differs from other executive coaches & consultants, in that she starts with your organization's current talent pool.


First, she determines if the job description is correct for each of the team members. (are they sitting in the correct seat?)

Second, each team member collaborates with Jillian in her unique bandwidth audit process.


Is their current bandwidth designed for maximum efficiency & deliverables for the company?

Are their quarterly goals clearly defined & in line with the companies annual strategy?


Are their weekly to-do's determined strategically for success?